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One of the best ways a business can gain popularity, no matter the niche, is by word of mouth. An outstanding performance compels people to tell others to try what they have done, resulting in more business. In our age of technology, it is easier than ever for people to learn about things and places all over the globe, and make their voices heard by use of review sites, forums, and social networks. It is therefore important that you encourage people to tell their stories of your scuba dive center to prospective customers worldwide.

Book Your Dive was created to make it easier for SCUBA divers to find information about dive sites and scuba dive shops around the world. Listing your scuba dive center with us will contribute to your traffic, as we are striving to become a valuable source of information for the dive community. We are active in social networks, and have fresh content daily from SCUBA divers about marine life, ocean ecology, SCUBA gear and techniques, and destinations for divers worldwide.

Our goal is to build a massive database of dive centers all over the planet, with information about the business and divers’ reviews. It’s free for all dive centers to list their business here, and free for all divers to browse. When divers find you through Book Your Dive, encourage them to leave a review about their experience with your dive shop. People like to see what others are saying about a business they’re unfamiliar with before they just go diving in. The site will grow to have more visitors with the efforts of all in the SCUBA community.

So SCUBA businesses, list your dive center with us. Divers, if you have been on a dive with one of the centers listed, be sure to take a few minutes and relate your experiences with the site. Let’s help everyone in the SCUBA community experience all the beauty and wonder of diving around the world!

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